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    Okay, so I love having recovery tools on a bootable USB drive.

    One of my life savers is Hiren Boot Tools (Download the ISO here). Then I had a great idea. What I’ll do is buy a HUGE 64GB USB flash thumb drive and make different partitions. I.e. one for Hiren, one for Windows 7 Installer, one for BackTrack (for you know what – wireless sniffing), one for Ubuntu etc. However I came into a bit of an issue. On Windows only the first partition is identified, however on MacOsX or Linux (Unix) all the partitions are found. However, I’m currently working on more Windows machines. So after some research I came across Yumi Multi Boot Loader.

    I highly recommend the app … it runs multiple loaders on a single partition and does it very neatly.

    Download from here

    Creating a YUMI Multiboot MultiSystem Bootable USB Flash Drive
    YUMI works much like Universal USB Installer, except it can be used to install more than one distribution to run Live from your USB. Distributions can also be uninstalled using the same tool!

    YUMI - Multiboot USB Creator

    YUMI’s Main Multiboot Boot Menu

    YUMI - Multiboot Boot Menu



    Happy multi-booting



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    The majority of the time you use affect with an a as a verb and effect with an e as a noun.

    effect effect-affect





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    who whom 670px-Use--Who--and--Whom--Correctly-Step-1 670px-Use--Who--and--Whom--Correctly-Step-4 bEVJ9





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    The bucket theory

    Now I know there are many takes on this theory and I’m no expert but this is my analysis or view on the bucket. We are all buckets (metaphorically speaking) that is. As with a bucket we all have our limits. As we pour water into the bucket it gets fuller and fuller until it over flows.


    One of my biggest weaknesses is saying NO and this is one of my biggest challenges in life. As we take on more and more e.g. In terms of work our buckets take on more and more water, until eventually the bucket overflows. This can cause people to be burned out, stressed out and even cause some people to implode. So what can we do to ensure we don’t reach that point of overflow. These are some of my thoughts:

    1) Know your limits Know yourself what you can and can’t do. This is very challenging as like me many people like to test their limits, push themselves to the edge or beat a personal record. Know what you capable of doing and do what you do best.

    2) Keep inspired and motivated Like water can evaporate, find ways to keep the water in your bucket evaporating, by keeping inspired and motivated. Find your fuel, what drives you and use that to keep going. Be it family or video games find something that drives you.

    3) Management This might be a rather strange one but I feel managers, rather leaders (check this out) should know their employees limits, bucket fills and manage accordingly.

    4) Company benefits Another way to reduce a bucket load is to makes some holes in the bucket. Sounds strange but a company can do many things to reduce the water in a bucket. Think about it benefits, incentives, development, team building are all ways that can effectively release water from the bucket.

    5) CSI Community Service Initiatives Giving back something to the community is always rewarding. Do something as a person, couple, family or company. Helping others will surely help yourself. It can be simple like playing with orphans or reading to the blind but these small actions can reduce your bucket load.

    6) Forgive An easy way to empty your bucket is to forgive and try to forget the issue. Keeping incidents and bad memories ties you down and takes up unnecessary space in your bucket. Move on ..

    7) Share Don’t be shy to ask for help when you need it. If you’re drowning and your bucket is over flowing STOP and realise and accept that you may need help. Ask an expert, mentor or sometimes it even just helps to speak to a colleague about things in the bucket.

    8) Help If you notice someone’s bucket is filling up ask if you can help. Sometimes people are shy or just too ashamed to ask for help. Offer, assist and help people without expecting anything in return. Note. If your bucket is already full be careful with helping others as your bucket may overflow. Know your limits and capacity.

    9) Empty the bucket And if all else fails, the last resort is to empty the bucket. This is also sometimes a wise option. The only way to move on is to leave a job, position or company.

    All the best and stay positive.


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    Management has always fascinated me – and of recent I’ve been giving it a lot of thought. Though my research I came across some of the interesting graphics below.



    leadership1 Manager-vs-Leader-e1363072468241 original-796529-1

    Let me know your thoughts.

    Credits to the owners.

    Happy Managing.


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    Got to love them if you’ve ever taught ESL .. found a cool image list on the net some time ago. Not my work and I can’t remember the authors blog – so full credit to anon.

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