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    Techno Parenting … Idea …

    Step 1:
    Create a new email account …

    Step 2:
    Forward pictures, events, feelings, videos etc. to the email … Hope that gmail is around for the next 18 years …

    Step 3:
    Give the details of the email as an 18th birthday present … Thoughts?


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    The day you were born, our lives entered bliss. Having you around, we truly do miss

    I miss my daughter, the pain is so real. I must embrace her, if my heart is to heal.

    Isolation, anxiety, sorrow, and loneliness are just a handful of the countless emotions that parents experience when miss their daughter.

    Time is not a factor when a mother and father miss their daughter. Some haven’t seen their baby girl all day while they were at work. Others haven’t seen their baby girl in years because she grew up and moved far away. Both are the same.

    I can’t explain how much I miss my precious daughter because it’s impossible to quantify infinity.

    Missing my daughter, I can’t hold back tears. It’s been a few weeks, but it feels more like years.

    The grief in my heart, forever shall last. I will think of her always and live in the past.

    When I lost my daughter, I lost all the sunshine in my life. A billion moons could never create the brightness I lost.

    Her heart, her breath, her smile, is the true cost. A beautiful life, my dear daughter has lost.

    She’s resting in peace, eternally free.


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    To other parents that have lost children – be strong. is a wonderful group of people helping parents like us who have lost our little angels.

    They have a great read which I’d like to share click here to download a very well written book by Hafizah Ismail.

    Keep strong