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    Reset Forgotten Admin Password OSX 10.11 El Capitan

    The passwords for all accounts on OSX 10.11 El Capitan, OSX 10.10 Yosemite, OSX 10.9 Mavericks and OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion including admin and standard user accounts can be reset and changed when booted from theRecovery Partition on OSX.

    Boot into Recovery Partition

    Reboot into the Recovery Drive by choosing the ‘Apple‘ menu > Restart, hold down the ‘command’ + ‘r’ keys on the keyboard during the start up process when you see the start up screen you can let go. When the machine boots eventually you will see the OS X Utilities screen.


    Go to the Utilites menu and select Terminal



    At the prompt type ‘resetpassword’ (hit enter)




    This launches the Reset Password screen, select the Volume Hard Drive in the top part of the window pane, then for the user that you need to reset select the user account in the lower part then add and confirm the new password and click save, you get a confirmation screen and details about the keychain account.

    Go to the Apple Menu and click Restart to boot back to the normal hard drive and the new password will take effect immediately.


    Reset Forgotten Admin Password OSX 10.11 El Capitan


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    Perform a Soft Reset

    Find out how to perform a soft reset on your device, just follow these simple steps.

      1. Press and hold the Power button and the Volume Up button at the same time.
      2. The device will vibrate 3 times, release the power and volume up buttons.


    The device must be powered on manually after the soft reset is complete.

    The soft reset has been completed.



    On the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, the small yellow reset button (OFF) is placed under the cover for the nano SIM card holder. Press the button with the tip of a pencil or a similar object and hold it down for 5-10 seconds. After a series of quick vibrations, release the restart button. Don’t use any sharp objects or press the button too hard, otherwise you can damage it.

    Then turn on the phone in the regular way by pressing the power/unlock button. After the restart all settings and personal data such as contacts, music, photos and other files will stay intact.



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    How to Reset a WordPress Password from phpMyAdmin

    Knowing how to reset your WordPress password from phpMyAdmin is one of the essential things you should know about because for some reason if your site is hacked, or something else, you are no longer able to login to your admin panel using the login information, and you are not able to reset the password via email, this method can be very useful. We have helped three users with the same issue therefore we have decided to do this writeup.

    Every WordPress blog uses a MySQL Database which can be accessed through your phpMyAdmin even if you are not using cPanel hosting. Follow the following steps to reset your WordPress password:

    Video Tutorial

    If you don’t like the video or need more instructions, then continue reading.

    Step 1 – Identify the Name of your Database

    It is always good to know the name of your WordPress Database. Sometimes you might be running multiple installations within the same database, then you will need to know exactly where to look for to reset the password. The best place to look is your wp-config.php file which is located in your root WordPress Directory. In there you will find the name of your database.

    Step 2 – Locating Database and Editing the Fields

    In your cPanel or other admin panel, you will need to access your MySQL database and then browse it via phpMyAdmin.

    phpMyAdmin in cPanel

    Once you are in phpMyAdmin, you will need to select the correct database on the left hand side. Look for the name that you found in your wp-config.php and click on that. You will see a list of tables with a prefix wp_ for the most part.

    If you changed your prefix during installation, then you would be looking for that specific prefix “for ex: wp673_”.

    You will look for the table wp_users, click on it and then click on the Browse Tab.

    phpMyAdmin Browse

    Click on the Pencil (Edit) Icon to reset your Password.

    phpMyAdmin Edit

    Now you will see a field that looks like this:

    phpMyAdmin Edit field

    Edit the user_pass field value. You will notice that there are a lot of random characters in the password field. Due to security reasons, WordPress stores the passwords as MD5 Hash rather than Plain text.

    This means that you will not be able to enter plain text as the password. You would need to use one of the MD5 generators online to generate your password.

    Recommended Tool: JavaScript MD5

    Simply type your password in that tool and generate MD5 results. Copy and paste the code you get from the converter into your phpMyAdmin field and click Go to save changes.

    You have now successfully changed your WordPress Password from phpMyAdmin.

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    Hello World,

    Had a little error with an old Kyocera photocopy machine. The below resolved it …

    Enter 1087-1087 (1087 twice) from the keypad.
    Enter 163 by using the keypad keys.
    Press “Start” (the green button) twice.
    The machine will restart automatically.