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    Here’s the process for applying a family visa in Saudi Arabia.

    Step 0:
    I’m assuming you are on a Saudi work visa, and you have an Iqaama with a profession that allows family members to visit.

    Step 1:
    Apply on the ministry of foreign affairs website (MOFA) – click on Travel to Saudi or

    Click on Resident and click on Family visit visa. There’s 4 steps to complete. You require the following information:
    – Company Name
    – Company trading number (registration number)
    – Your visa number (on your passport on the Saudi work visa)
    – Your Iqaama number and expiry date
    – Your families details (name, relation, age, country, capital etc.) (ensure it’s captured correctly)

    Note: I recommend you get the company government representative to help you complete to ensure no issues.

    At the end of the application you will receive a reference number and print of the confirmation letter.

    Step 2:
    Have the company (HR) stamp the confirmation letter,

    Step 3:
    Get an additional stamp from municipality – Chamber of Commerce (Costs SR35),

    Step 4:
    View the application process status online,

    – Applications usually take about 10 days
    – If the application is successful continue to step 5 else

    Step 5:
    You may need to visit the MOFA office in Jeddah, Riyadh or Dammam to confirm your identity or show your Iqaamah – note a company representative (PR Office) can also do this for you – there’s also some general services offices that offer the service from about SR100 onwards.

    Step 6:
    Once approved – send the reference number to the local visa agent in your country and the visa will be issues. For South Africans I use ADDA


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